Fabulous Euro Finds Friday

Today is all about Euro fashion! Yes I know summer is almost over, but I just love the bright Euro-inspired colors and wanted to highlight some great finds on both ETSY & eBay. Besides, it still feels like summer where we are and probably will until January or February. LOL! :o)

Here are some amazing Euro children's outfits and accessories for both child & adult I found on eBay.

This gorgeous set is by babyblubonnets. I think it has a faintly asian feel to it as well.

I found this fantastic hoodie set by gigglez-n-grinz. Euro-style hoodie sets are oh so hip right now!

Next up, gotta have a hip handbag right? So here is a fabulous Euro-inspired tote by prettyinpink320. Check out her scarves too.

On to ETSY where I found some lovely Euro accessories.

The first find is this really pretty pillow for a girls room made by vanessaandcompany.

I also adore these clippies made by adourcouture.

This Euro-colored flower by pamperingbeki would look great on a denim jacket or purse.

And last but not least is my very own Euro bling. A beautiful Swarovski crystal fringe bracelet made with those bright trademark Euro colors. These pictures really don't do it justice. Oh and it's on sale too so go check it out! :oP

Next week it will be all about Halloween BOOtique!! I just LOVE Halloween. This year will be so much fun since it's the first time my girls will go trick or treating! :o)

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Amelia said...

Wow great finds!!!