Fabulous Finds Friday

As some of you may know, I want to make peacocks the next big bird trend soooo I made my 1st Treasury on ETSY this morning called Pretty in Peacock. I've been trying to snag a Treasury for over a week now! It's harder than I thought. I finally got one today and now everyone's having trouble connecting to the ETSY Treasury. Figures! :oP

Here's a screenshot and link to the Treasury. Let me know what you think of my finds!
(if you can connect that is)

Btw if anyone knows how to get a good shot of the entire list let me know. I see people with Treasury pics on their blogs all the time so there must be some kind of secret that I just can't figure out!

Thanks for the comments about the momma cat & kittens. I looked for them today but couldn't see any sign. I'm really hoping they're ok. The good news is so far it seems to have stopped raining. I thought it was going to rain all day today but maybe we've gotten lucky. :o)

Bet your wondering about that tag I'm supposed to do? We're going out of town today for the weekend so it will just haveto wait until Monday. So sorry but I promise I'll get to it. Really I will!


Bleeding Heart

My heart is just sick right now! It's raining cats & dogs here today due to Tropical Depression Erin on the coast of TX and I mean it is POURING! So I'm upstairs hanging with the kiddos in the game room and I hear this strange sound...it sounds like a bird to me but there's something kind of plaintive about it. I get close to the window and really listen. That's when it dawns on me....THAT'S A KITTEN!!
So I shove my feet into some boots(unfortunately not rain boots *sigh*) plop a hat on my head, run downstairs, then outside and around to the side of our house(getting completely soaked I might add). There I see a soaking wet momma cat and 2 itty bitty kittens. Ok they looked more like drowned rats, the poor things. I don't know what that cat was thinking but they were in a terrible spot...no covering, a small lake fast filling up with more water and those cute little scraggly things were certainly going to drown if they stayed there much longer! So....I had to rescue them, right??
Of course this wild momma cat hisses and runs away as soon as I pick them up. So I get in the house, wrap them in a towel and dry them off, then run to the back and lay them outside under the covered patio in the towel so momma can hopefully hear them and come to the back too. I bring out some bowls of food & water for momma just in case. At this point the kittens are quiet since they're all dry, warm and safe now so I pick one up and have it "mew" for a little while hoping to coax the momma cat back. I finally just go inside and keep looking out the back patio door to see if they're ok. After about an hour I peek out and notice one of them is gone! Oh noooo!!!! I go outside and can't see it anywhere, or the momma cat for that matter. So I go back inside, since I need to get the girls sippy cups, and after a couple of minutes I check again only to see that the other kitten is gone! I run outside and I can see the momma carrying the baby kitten off in the distance along the top of a fence line. Mind you it is STILL a torrential down pour. My heart just drops! Those poor little kittens. :o(

I'm really having a hard time imagining they will be ok but I really do hope so! I was happy to see that the momma cat ate the food and drank some water so hopefully that will help her. I'm praying she found a dry place to keep them safe and warm until the rain passes. I was so close to taking the kittens back inside but was torn since I didn't want to seperate them from their momma. Of course my dh thinks I am a complete "bleeding heart" when it comes to animals and children and when I first called to tell him about the kittens he said, "so we've adopted 2 kittens now right?" Sheesh!

I was tagged the other day and was planning on posting my answers but that will have to wait till later when I calm down a bit.

So I'm curious dear readers, what would you have done??


FFF Challenge - Lip SMACKERS!

FFF Amelia has issued her new Fashion Forward Friday Challenge this week - Lip SMACKERS! :o) The challenge is to show off my kisser(teehee) and blog about my fave lip color.

My fave lip color/gloss that I have in my bag is Burts Bee's Raisin Lip Shimmer. I love these, not only because they're all natural and good for you, but they taste and feel sooo wonderful! It seriously feels like a mini spa treatment for your lips every time you put it on. And you can put it on over & over & over...

Up next, this gloss in my bag is purely sweet indulgence on my part. I have the Creme Brulee flavor Tutti Dolci lip gloss from Bath & Body Works(they don't appear to sell these anymore). It's shimmery on and tastes soooo yummy BUT...get this...your NOT supposed to eat it! It even has a warning on the back of the tube. Sheesh! So why do they make it taste so darn good then?!!

And last but not least, "good ole" flavored Chapstick. I have the classic cherry flavor right now and keep it in my bathroom.

Mmmmm, I'm hungry now! I think I'm gonna go have a bowl of ice cream before bed. :D


My 1st Treasury!

Yayy! I made my 1st ETSY Treasury! :o) Granted I asked to be in it and it will change in a few hours but.....yayyy I'm in my 1st ETSY Treasury! teehee. :o)

More Bird Finds Monday

Ok I took the weekend off. teehee. :o) So here are more bird finds including owls; thank you Erin for the suggestion! ;o) I did a search for owls and they are truly everywhere, but let's start with birds shall we...

I love this pillow by joom on ETSY. She has alot of hip bird-themed goodies and it was hard picking a fave.

Here's a gorgeous custom boutique girls outfit made by April of allforthekidds on eBay.

Kristin of spirited*style has listed another Tweet Tweet Happy Hobo on eBay. It's similar to the one I purchased and blogged about last month. I use mine all the time! :o)

I bought 2 of these sweet bird shirts for the girls(for next summer) at Old Navy. They were on sale and I just couldn't pass them up.

And now for the owls...

How darn cute is this owl bag?! Tinkybelle has 3 shops on ETSY but Hoooooooot is definitely my favorite.

Check out this "funky" custom boutique girls outfit made by Angie of that*funky*boutique on eBay. The auction ends soon!

There are lots of hair pretties with owls, especially on ETSY, but I'll just post one. These are owl fabric-covered button bobby pins made by Sarah of SweetSparrow on ETSY.

Amber of cherry*tea on eBay just listed this fun owl backpack. What a unique look for back to school!

And last but certainly not least, here's an adorable soldered/fabric owl bracelet by Erin herself(thevintagepearl on both ETSY & eBay). :o)

So with all these birds on the brain I was thinking about peacocks. Ya know they're really beautiful birds! Anyone up for making peacocks the next big bird trend....