What Motherhood Means to Me

This captured moment speaks volumes for me. Whenever I look at it I feel overjoyed, lonely and nostalgic all at once. This is my mom and I at my wedding in 2000. She had been diagnosed only 2 years earlier with Ovarian Cancer and was given grim statistics. She beat the odds and not only walked me down the aisle and gave me away at my wedding, but was able to be there to welcome her first and only grandchild that she ever knew a year later. She kept beating the odds until May 6th 2005. I am forever grateful for the extra time given to us.
3 months after she passed we found out we were pregnant with twins and I knew exactly who their guardian angel would be. When I found out I would be having daughters I knew I would name them both after my mom. If it were not for my own mom I would not be the mother, or even the woman, I am today.

This picture epitomizes motherhood for me, with all the joy and happiness AND the pain and sorrow that it comes with. I miss you mom.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Note: I couldn't get my scanner to work so I had to take a pic of a pic from my wedding album. I will update it with a better version if I ever get this darned scanner figured out!