Fresh Start

I want to thank everyone who has wished me well and also sent encouragement my way about the biz. While I am feeling better(finally), I'm still not 100% and really need to make a new doc appt to get some testing done. Something just has't been quite right with me for the past year or so. Pretty much since giving birth to the twins.
My mom passed away 2 years ago from ovarian cancer and all my family on my moms side has had some form of cancer so I have to be really vigilant. I felt I was having symptoms that were a lot like my mom so I went to my OB to check it out a few months ago. She did an ultrasound among other things and then told me that she thinks that I'm dealing with IBS. Ugh! She gave me a prescrip for a med that I was only on for a week when I had to stop due to a "24 hour" headache side effect. I just couldn't take it! I get headaches & migraines anyway and having one that won't go away was just not gonna cut it. The side effect ended up actually being a blessing in disguise because it turned out that this drug was taken off the market about a month after I tried it. My OB said I needed to go to a GI doc and I have to admit I still haven't made the appt. Denial maybe?

So this past few weeks I've given alot of thought to what I want to do with my biz. While I love making jewelry it isn't selling and I've been itching to learn new crafts plus do something with my drawing. I was really inspired by Sandi of Portabellopixie since she recently went from boutique clothing designer to fabric designer. I've become a fabric addict, I used to want to be a fashion designer and I've loved to draw since I was a kid so I've been seriously thinking about giving fabric design a try. I really want to focus all my attention on it so will not sell childrens jewelry on eBay & ETSY anymore. I'll still make jewels for my girls of course. :o) To feed my need to bead I may make earrings to sell on ETSY. As far as eBay goes I will still list antiques & collectibles from my moms estate and resell the kiddos clothes & gear. I have also been playing around with custom photo invitations for awhile now so I may still try a listing and see how that goes on eBay. So those are my biz plans, at the moment anyway...it could always change again. :oP

I wanted to point out to any swap-bot swappers checking out my blog that pics of swaps are posted on my Flickr account whenever I receive a package or when my packages are received by my partners so you can check them out here if you like. I haven't posted pics on my blog since the bead swap so thought I'd better point that out to any curious swappers lurking here. teehee. I joined a bunch of swaps on swap-bot.com(it's really addicting) after the bead swap but after the last 3 current ones are finished I'm most likely not going to join any more until after the holidays. I have lots of shopping to do for family & friends and we have family coming to town plus we'll be going out of town and need to really save our money. I definitely love swapping though so I won't be quitting altogether, you can count on that! :o)

It's time to put the girls to bed but I plan to blog again tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend! Honey is actually off work for 3 days straight! We're very excited to have him around and Mr. Smarty Pants has lots of games, movies, etc planned with his daddy. :o)