Fabulous Fabric Friday

Today I wanted to highlight some exciting new and upcoming fabric collections for 2008.

First off, my absolute favourite fabric collection out right now is Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson.

If you haven't seen her debut collection or heard of Portabellopixie then you need to surf on over and read her blog. You'll be treated to beautiful and inspiring pictures, children's clothing designs, patterns, tutorials and of course her spring-inspired fabric!

I've already snagged a headband for myself that I saw when I was perusing pics in her Flickr group. It's made by Island Girl Bags on ETSY. Want one too? She has a few left, just click here.

Alas, no fabric yet for me. :o( If my local quilt shop doesn't order any than I'll need to shop online asap. I hear it's selling out fast! Congrats Sandi and Happy Birthday too! :o)

Next up is Anna Maria Horner, a multi-faceted designer who has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and already created two amazing fabric collections so far; Bohemian and Chocolate Lollipop.

Anna's newest fabric collection, Drawing Room, promises to be something quite different from her first two collections yet still has her distinctive design aesthetic. I can see this fabric used in a lot of home decor projects. To see a full preview of the fabrics and colorways in this upcoming collection click here! Anna's blog is another feast for the eyes isn't it?

I just discovered the designer Melissa Averinos and her blog Yummy Goods this week. I'm really loving her blog but even better just a couple of days ago she posted a preview of her debut fabric collection Sugar Snap!

I adore the colors and the interesting designs. I expect her collection will do very well. :o)

What do you think of these collections? Are there any new or upcoming collections you're really excited about?

Stay tuned for Fabulous Fabric Friday pt 2...next Friday of course. ;o)
*So many fabrics so little time*


Our Little Tiger Cub

It's official, Mr. Smarty Pants is now a Cub Scout!
Actually I signed him up a few weeks ago but I just got his uniform yesterday. Before that he was wearing his Tiger Cub t-shirt to the meetings. He's been to two meetings so far and he gets more and more excited about it every day. I was worried he would lose interest but this seems to be a real winner. Go mom!

When I got the uniform yesterday I tried it on him and took a couple of pics. Doesn't he look cute? He didn't want to take it off either! I hadn't added the patches at that point.

Our Little Tiger Cub

I plan on making him a Cub Scout scrap book with pictures, activities, badges/awards earned, etc so I'm going to take pics at all of the cub scout meetings and events. I missed the first meeting since I was down with the flu but Honey was able to take him. He didn't bring the camera though. The second meeting I left my camera on the table so the next day we went outside and took pics of the activities they did.

That meeting was all about hearing. First the scouts learned about Sign Language and what it's like to not be able to hear. Mr. Smarty Pants was a quick study and learned how to sign his name. Take a look!

Sign Your Name

Next they made "telephones" out of cups and cord. Remember these? They worked very well and the scouts got a real kick out of communicating with each other.

Hello Hello

Lastly they talked about what kinds of animals have very good, or in some cases, specialized hearing. The cubs were asked to name some of the animals and of course dogs and bats were thrown out there but then Mr. Smarty Pants chimed in with "Bald Eagle". I nearly fell out of my chair. That's my boy! :oP
After discussing animals they did another craft where they made better "ears" for hearing, but mostly they ended up using them as megaphones. LOL!

I can't wait to find out what we're doing at the meeting tonight. Mr. Smarty Pants got to wear his uniform to school today. He was soooo proud this morning! I should have gotten another pic!

So are you wondering about my enthusiam for scouting? The reason why I've decided to be his partner (most of the time) instead of Honey is that I was very involved in Campfire Girls when I was a kid. I was involved for at least 7 years, including the camp every summer. I started off as a Bluebird. I remember I just LOVED the idea of being a "bluebird".

Sadly, the Campfire Girls do not exist in the same form as I remembered it. There's been a number of changes through the years and the latest was the organization changing their website, name and logo(again). They're now called Camp Fire USA and the logo looks too modern in my opinion.

Here are the older logos that I'm familiar with for comparison:
(they just kept getting more and more modern looking)

When I was in CFG in the 70's to 80's they were just starting to have boys join. I remember very few boys at our summer camp. Did you know that Campfire Girls was created around the same time as Boy Scouts? It was meant to be the "sister" to scouts so to speak. You can read more about that here!

Alas Bluebirds no longer exist either. Now you become a Little Star when you join. I'm a nostalgic sort so even though I know change can be good I really do miss the past. Campfire Girls was such a BIG part of my life growing up. I need to dig up all the old pics I have of me in parades and selling candy....ahhhh the memories! Time to start rummaging through the boxes in the garage. I did come across my patch vest and my hat/beret last week. THAT was fun! Mr. Smarty Pants got a kick out of it too when I showed him the patches and what they were for. I will have to take a pic of my vest, hat and beads to show off. My mom had actually sewn on all of my CFG beads in beautiful patterns on the vest but during my college days I took them off to play with making jewelry. Stupid college kid! Oh well. Atleast I saved the vest and most of the beads.

Btw, if anyone is an alumni of the Campfire Girls from the San Fernando Valley area in CA and/or went to Camp Yallani from about 75' to 82' please give me a shout. Oh and if you were a camp counselor then too I would love to hear from you. I had a favorite counselor my first year at Yallani that used to carve animals out of soap. I think I was about 6. I absolutely adored her! I was extremely sad to leave camp that summer. I couldn't find any info on Camp Yallani when I Googled it and also looked it up in the Camp Fire USA directory to no avail. I'm guessing the camp no longer exists. I would love to know what happened to it. I really do have to dig up all those pics and do a post dedicated to my old Campfire days. Won't that be fun? Oh come on, indulge me.

Anyway if you're interested in getting your kids into any of these "camping/service" type of organizations here's a list of links so you can check them out:

Boy Scouts of America

Girl Scouts of America

Campfire USA

American Heritage Girls

Do you know any other organizations to add? Leave a link in the comments.

WO-HE-LO! :o)