Remembering A Super Princess

I had fully intended to update about what we've been up to lately and post the delayed pt. 3 of the Fabulous Fabric Friday series but this morning doing my usual blog rounds while drinking coffee I came across a new blog...which lead me to another blog...which lead me to cry for most of the morning then finally deciding on a completely different post for today.
Through a wonderful artists blog(who I'll post about another day) I found the blog of Sheye Rosemeyer Photography. She is an incredible photographer and also mommy to four who lost her beautiful 3 year old daughter Ava last year. It was a terrible accident and one that she has since devoted to preventing any other parents from going through. She has bravely kept blogging and inspiring with her words and amazing photographs. In the hopes of spreading more awareness I would like you to meet Ava:

You can click on the picture above to go to Ava's website which has links to both this postcard(web & printable versions) and her memorial site where you can learn more about this Super Princess Angel.

I'm seriously thinking about highlighting someone like Ava each month to help spread awareness. I already found another beautiful angel with a mission from reading Sheye's blog. We'll have to see if I can manage to do this. I'm really not that strong...


Happy Easter!

I know I'm a little late but, better late than never right? :o)

Unfortunately we all got sick, yet again, and of course it just had to be over spring break and Easter. *sigh* I really do hope now that Spring has arrived that our "plague" days are over once and for all. Though we ended up not being able to visit family or do much of anything else this past week we did get to participate in our neighborhoods very 1st annual Easter Egg Hunt and I think I got some cute shots of the kiddos. The weather was perfect that day.

Easter 08

As you can see I did redo my blog and ETSY store design. I rather like it! It reflects "me" more than any of the designs so far. Sadly I haven't gotten my jewelry photographed yet so still no listings in the store. I'm hoping to resolve that this week. Wish me luck!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I'll update more about our family goings on tomorrow. :o)