Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Where's Santa?

My New Year's resolution for 2009? To start blogging again. ;oD


Summer Hiatus

I bet you've been wondering...."where has she gone, why isn't she blogging anymore??"...or maybe you're just having too much fun enjoying the summer with your family and couldn't care less...like us!! :oP

I'm on summer hiatus but will be back closer to the beginning of a new school year. I decided to spend more time with my family and hold off on any biz plans for a little while longer. :o)

See you soon!


Decoration Day

In an event similar to ones involving countless Scout groups across the country this past weekend, many of our local Boy Scouts met at the Fort Sam Houston Cemetery for the annual Flags at Fort Sam in honor of Memorial Day.

The Memorial Day holiday takes place on the last Monday of May. This holiday commemorates United States service men and women who died in military service for their country. The holiday, originally called Decoration Day, is traditionally marked by parades, memorial speeches and ceremonies, and the decoration of graves with flowers and flags, hence the original name.

Boy Scouts were invited to participate with the placement of flags on the gravesites of veterans and their dependents. For Mr. Smarty Pants and 5 others from his Cub Scout Pack it was their first opportunity to participate and they all seemed to really enjoy it, even though it was very VERY hot that day!

I was surprised at how much they wanted to learn about the veterans; reading about where they were from, what conflict(s) they had been in, etc. A few of the cubs(brothers) had a great grandfather buried in the cemetery as well.

I'm so proud of Mr. Smarty Pants! :o)


Fairies, Tutus and Bows OH MY!

I know I know, seems like ages since I posted last. I really need to catch up but for today at least I wanted to share a really fun and girly giveaway by Dawn of Pink with Sparkles:

I love fairies, tutus and bows and Bambina Ballerina has it all! Do you have a little princess who has tons of bows but no place to keep them? Then here is the ultimate girly accessory!

Want one of these gorgeous bowholders? Then head on over to Dawn's blog where she's giving away one $30 Gift Certificate to Bambina Ballerina AND one Bambina Ballerina bowholder! This giveaway ends May 29th at noon EST so enter soon and your little princess will thank you. :o)


Mommy Moment

This is one of my favorite mommy moments. We didn't ask him to kiss my belly, he just did! He loves his twin sisters sooooooo much! :o)

Happy Mother's Day!

Check out other mommy moments here:


What Motherhood Means to Me

This captured moment speaks volumes for me. Whenever I look at it I feel overjoyed, lonely and nostalgic all at once. This is my mom and I at my wedding in 2000. She had been diagnosed only 2 years earlier with Ovarian Cancer and was given grim statistics. She beat the odds and not only walked me down the aisle and gave me away at my wedding, but was able to be there to welcome her first and only grandchild that she ever knew a year later. She kept beating the odds until May 6th 2005. I am forever grateful for the extra time given to us.
3 months after she passed we found out we were pregnant with twins and I knew exactly who their guardian angel would be. When I found out I would be having daughters I knew I would name them both after my mom. If it were not for my own mom I would not be the mother, or even the woman, I am today.

This picture epitomizes motherhood for me, with all the joy and happiness AND the pain and sorrow that it comes with. I miss you mom.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Note: I couldn't get my scanner to work so I had to take a pic of a pic from my wedding album. I will update it with a better version if I ever get this darned scanner figured out!