Thursday Blursday

Uggghhh! I am sick sick sick! Mr. Smarty Pants got sick last week, we even took him to acute care on Sunday. The inlaws came to visit and we had to keep him away from papaw because he's very susceptible to infections. Then the girls got sick and, last but not least, me. Today has been the worst! Sucks too because Honey is never here due to his "lovely" job. I'm starting to really get this "single-mom-thing" down....except today. Uggghhh! I wasn't too bad the past few days, just really tired, but this afternoon.....ugghhhhh!

I'm feeling depressed too. :o( I feel like giving up the jewelry biz again. My jewelry just doesn't sell. Not even for charity! :o(
I have to give a huge thank you to Anjee of babybluebonnets(who won) and princess*bunny*02 for bidding on the Cafe Paris set. I thought it might go at $9.95 and I had really hoped to donate more to the charity so thank you very much gals!
Oh and yes I have tried ETSY, no luck there either. :o( It's probably just because I feel so "craptacular" but I've been feeling pretty discouraged lately. Hopefully I'll feel better soon.

Ok time to go lie down on the floor and let the girls whack me with their toys. I'm so pathetic today! *sigh*