FFF Challenge - Lip SMACKERS!

FFF Amelia has issued her new Fashion Forward Friday Challenge this week - Lip SMACKERS! :o) The challenge is to show off my kisser(teehee) and blog about my fave lip color.

My fave lip color/gloss that I have in my bag is Burts Bee's Raisin Lip Shimmer. I love these, not only because they're all natural and good for you, but they taste and feel sooo wonderful! It seriously feels like a mini spa treatment for your lips every time you put it on. And you can put it on over & over & over...

Up next, this gloss in my bag is purely sweet indulgence on my part. I have the Creme Brulee flavor Tutti Dolci lip gloss from Bath & Body Works(they don't appear to sell these anymore). It's shimmery on and tastes soooo yummy BUT...get this...your NOT supposed to eat it! It even has a warning on the back of the tube. Sheesh! So why do they make it taste so darn good then?!!

And last but not least, "good ole" flavored Chapstick. I have the classic cherry flavor right now and keep it in my bathroom.

Mmmmm, I'm hungry now! I think I'm gonna go have a bowl of ice cream before bed. :D


Beadiful Things said...

You've been tagged! Visit my blog for details. :-)

PamperingBeki said...

Oh I LOVE Burt's Bees lip shimmers!

Great picture. :)

Abby Chase Designs said...

Mmmm Burt's Bees:)
Great pic

ichigo said...

oh beautiful!