Back to School

Today Mr. Smarty Pants(my son) went back to school for his 2nd year. He was very excited! It's a brand new (just been built) school and one of his friends who lives on the street behind us is also in his class. He wore an appliqued shirt I bought for him, carried a new Pirates of the Carribean backpack & lunch tote and wore matching Pirates sneakers. He was smiling from ear to ear(I would imagine all day long). Here's some fun pics. :o)

Isn't this shirt cute? It was made by littledressmaker on eBay. If you knew my son, you would agree that this shirt is perfect for him. He loved it(my future "Jim Carey" comedian)! LOL!


Tuesday said...

Oh man, love that shirt!!! LOL TOooooOoOoO cute (the shirt AND the little dude LOL)

Are those POTC shoes too?? They look like the ones Corbin has ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!! I remember having that feeling on my first day(s) of school. Love the backpack!!

Emmie Knits said...

Very cute! I wish I could get away with a pirates of the caribbean bag!+ thanks for the kind message you left on my blog! Regards Emmie

PamperingBeki said...

He looks adorable!!