Yup, Still Here!

Just a quick note to say....yup I'm still alive and kicking! :oP
This week has been filled with some family ups and downs and now I'll have to play some catchup with everything else. Can you believe I missed a Wordless Wednesday??
Anyhoo, I will resume tomorrow with Fabulous Finds Friday. I love Halloween so can't miss sharing some fun & spoooooky stuff I found!

This week was also supposed to be all about charities and cause awareness but that will have to wait until next week when I can devote more time to it. This weekend I'll be working on a number of designs to list for charity auctions this month. On Monday the 10th one of the eBay charity auction groups I'm in will start their annual auctions so I need to be ready! I'll try and post a Saturday Sneak Peak this weekend of some of the new designs. :o)

Btw, I'm listing clothing & baby gear resells from my kids closets so take a look at my auctions; you might see something you like!


ichigo said...

Oh, I love wordless wednesday coz u always post pictures of your adorable children!!! Hope to catch up next wek..tee hee..

littlewanda said...

Me too!