Updates on Life

This has been a busier week than normal, which is the reason for the lack of blogging, so I thought I would update on some things that some of you may be wondering about.

Sugar's Strabismus:
Someone asked how Sugar's eye appt went. She had an appt a few weeks back and we found out that her "wall-eye" is due to farsightedness so she's getting glasses! Last week we went and tried on some frames(cute little pink ones) and we've been waiting on the lenses to come in so that we can pick them up. They were supposed to come in towards the end of this week. I have NO idea how I'm going to get her to keep them on. Anyone have any suggestions?? I thought about e-mailing Kate from Jon and Kate + 8 to see how she got Aaden to wear his. :o) Has anyone else ever e-mailed either Jon or Kate? Did they respond?

The Puppies:
Well what can I say, they're getting bigger...and our backyard is not fit for human beings anymore. LOL! We're gonna work on that hopefully this weekend. I'm thinking about seperating a part of the yard and putting a fence around it...for the kids! That way they can have a sandbox, toys and poop free grass to play in. :oP Mr. Smarty Pants is playing with them alot more. Also the "boys" take them for walks. They really are sweet, but I'd like my backyard back now that spring is here. :o)

My Jewelry:
Yes I know this is supposed to be my biz blog. *sigh* Seems I can make lots of jewelry in my free time but can't get any pictures of them so no listings in my store. :o( After being sick, busy, etc etc, I finally had time to try taking decent pics again and of course the weather will not cooperate. Soooo after doing some research I am going to make my own light box this weekend so I can take pics whenever my little heart desires! I also need to do some reading up on my camera settings as I can't seem to get the closeups I used to. My spring collection is soooo late but will hopefully debut soon. Again, wish me luck on that.

Cub Scouts:
Lots happening with Mr. Smarty Pants Cub Scout pack. I got to take him to his first hockey game a few weeks ago. Our local hockey team had a Scout Night. Since I grew up watching hockey in LA(go Kings) I thought it only appropriate that I get to take him instead of Honey(who I introduced to Hockey when we lived in Dallas-go Stars). He seemed to enjoy it though he wished they had scored more. It was a low scoring game and a little boring at times so I'm glad it still held his attention. We've also been working on his Pinewood Derby car. The Derby is next week and is the 1st one for his pack. He just earned his Bobcat Patch and Tiger Cub Recognition Emblem plus 5 beads a couple nights ago and I'm also working on the packs website. Busy busy busy!

Fabulous Finds Friday:
Yes I am going to post part 3 of Fabulous Fabric Finds tomorrow. And yes, sadly, I missed posting about the Ginger Blossom launches on both ETSY and eBay the past couple of weeks. (I even bid and won some cute outfits for the girls!) You can still find listings on eBay and tons of listings on ETSY by searching for keyword "gingerblossom".

And since blog posts aren't nearly as much fun without pics, here ya go!

Almost Two!

If I forgot anything I needed to update on just comment and let me know. ;o)

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