New(ish) Auction Listings

So I haven't posted in almost a week and now I'm trying to play catchup!
Last Wednesday my dh took the day off to take care of the girls while my ds and I had some quality time together. I took him to see the Harry Potter movie which we both really enjoyed! Actually I thought he would be bored since there was a lot of storyline to cover and little real action until near the end. My son is just 6 so he needs lots of "POW" "ZAP" "ZOWIE"...kwim? Anyhoo, so in the car on our way back home I asked him what he thought of the movie and he said in dead seriousness, really slow and drawn out, "awwwwwesommmmme"! Whew! Then we had a little discussion about how everyone has tendancies to be both good & bad and it's the choices we make in life that matter, etc etc. This kid is 6???? Then he started making fart jokes in Patrick's voice from Spongebob Squarepants. Yup, he's 6!
Beginning around Wednesday going into Thursday the kiddos and I started to feel under the weather and I also got a bit depressed myself. Luckily it didn't last too long and we're all doing much better now. I was finally motivated to start working on some jewelry designs Sunday evening and am slowly getting things photographed(could someone turn off the sprinklers over Texas??) and listed on ebay & ETSY. I actually have 5 things listed on ETSY now. :o)
I've listed 2 new(ish) auctions for the Bellaluna BTS Launch and one for TheOasis Bon Appetit launch.
I really love how the set turned out for Bon Appetit. The pics turned out great too! She's the better subject of the twins right now but it still isn't easy. When it's not raining it is very hot & humid outside, plus the girls are always on the move so it's a chore getting either of them to sit still for any length of time. And then there's that dreaded "bow/clippie on the head" thing they started recently. They just hate anything placed on their heads right now and it's very frustrating! So after you look at the pics just imagine me sweating my butt off in humid 90 degree heat putting the bow on her head then trying to snap a pic(or 2) that I can't see in the camera viewer(stupid Sun) then grab the bow out of her mouth after she's ripped it off her head and then put her back on the trike to do it allll over again. Whoo, it is truly tiring!

Don't forget to check out the new(ish) listings in the right column. :o)

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