Back to School & Bon Appetit

Today has been kind of crazy with two eBay group launches beginning and the eBay groups community forums being completely overhauled...and not in a good way I might add. :o(
A lot of boutique groups are trying to decide whether or not to move. One has already made the jump. I don't like the new forums myself, but honestly I'm wondering if we shouldn't just give it a chance. If we all up and move some will go to MSN, some to Yahoo, etc, etc. We'll be scattered all across the net! Anyhoo, I'm anxiously waiting to see what happens. *sigh*

Ok back to the group launches which is so much more fun, right?
The first is a Back to School Guest Launch with the group Boutique BellaLuna. I've listed my 1st auction which is a primary color ABC-themed bracelet that matches nicely with all those Michael Miller Dick & Jane clothes & accessories. That fabric line is just toooo darn cute! I have another matching bracelet I'm planning to list that will actually use the Dick & Jane fabric. Yippeee! Plus I'll be listing a few other goodies so keep checking these auctions.

The 2nd is TheOasis Boutique Bon Appetit guest launch! I bet you can guess what the theme is for this one. :oP Again I have a few things I'm planning to list. My Saturday sneak peek was one of them. *wink* Today I listed a watermelon bracelet. For me summer and watermelons just go hand in hand....especially in July! :o)

Don't forget, I have some fabulous earrings that will be ending tomorrow! *hint, hint*


Childishcouture said...

I was wondering how the eBay group overhall will affect the design groups on eBay. I am hearing alot of talk of leaving. I was sooo comfy with using the boards and the big change ughhh!! I just hope that it all works out in the end!! I love visiting the boards and secretly spending money and putting all the goodies from UPS in the closet.... okay that's another post :)

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Looks like you are keeping busy!
I am not liking the new group format either : (