Fashion Forward Friday Challenge

Amelia has issued her latest Fashion Forward Friday challenge on show #64 podcast on Boutiquecafe.com. She wants to see our chic ponytails and our favorite hair accessory finds on ETSY!

So this is my very first FFF Challenge. Yayyy! But....I found it a lot harder than I thought to take a picture of myself. Ugh! Plus I was just a teensy-weensy too self-conscience to take it outside where the good lighting is. *shrug* But....here it is anyway. :o)

As you may know my new passion is fabric headbands so of course my updo is using one of my new headbands(this one from eBay) and adding a side ponytail using a gold pony-o that I've had for years. I have so much hair that I have to find interesting ways to keep it out of my face. teehee.

Finding cute hair accessories on ETSY is easy peasy but I decided I wanted to challenge myself and find all crystal hair "pretties". I think I've really found some cool ones. Take a look!

The first fun "pretties" are Swarovski Hair Snaps! These are so neat. They add a bit of sparkle to any updo. You can get lots of different colors plus they have Variety Snap Packs. What a neat idea! Wish I had thought of that. :o)
So next up I found these amazing crystal cherry blossom hair pins! Aren't they beautiful? I love the color combo on these.
Last but not least, every mommy deserves her very own tiara right?

Ok I know it's not very practical, but I just couldn't resist. It's soooooo pretty! :o) I would buy it.....if I had lots of extra "me money"! teehee.


PamperingBeki said...

Great job!! :) That tiara is fabulous!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Oh I'd love to have some of your curly "body" in my hair! GREAT picture and I love those cherry blossom hairpins you found!

Erika Cass Designs said...

Thanks ladies. :o)

Btw, if anyone knows a way to reply to comments please let me know. It's sooo frustrating not to be able to reply to anyone here!

Flutterby Babies Boutique said...

Ohh cute! I love the headband and your hair is wonderful!

Childishcouture said...

Okay you ladies have inspired me to participate in FF. You gals are gorgeous!!

Erin said...

Love your hair, and the band is so pretty!