My Baby Has Glasses

Sugar finally got her glasses last night and today is her first official day to wear then since she went to bed an hour after receiving them last night. I have to say, so far so good. She has been great about keeping them on. I was surprised! I think it may be just because it's something new but I'm hoping that she recognizes that she can see so much better with them on. I do think that these frames are too small for her. I'm noticing indents on the bridge of her nose and her temples. I've tried adjusting a bit but I just think I will need to take her back to the Vision Center today and see about getting them adjusted or replaced. Yesterday I asked about when we would need to change them out due to her growth and they said they should be good for about 6 months but it's hard to imagine that being the case with a fast growing toddler! We'll see. So what do you think?

New Glasses

I'm trying to get used to her new look. I do think she looks pretty cute! :o) The glasses are pink and have a little bitty Tigger on each side of the frames. The case has Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on it which she recognized. When we got the glasses yesteday we all made a big fuss about how pretty she looked and and I even told her how at night the glasses would go "night night" in their sleeping case. This morning we "woke up" the glasses so she could wear them. hehehe. I think it's going to help alot to have rituals associated with the glasses.

I was reading some mom blogs last night after the American Idol Gives Back show (btw if you haven't already, donate, donate, donate!) and ran across a post about InfantSEE. I wish I had heard of this earlier. Not only does this website have excellent information about a baby's developing eyes but you can search for an eye doctor in your area that will evaluate your baby's vision for FREE! Yup you read correct, anyone who has a baby under 12 months of age can have them checked for free. NO insurance needed. Like most parents I didn't think much about getting my kids vision checked when they were babies at an eye doctor. I thought that the pediatrician was sufficient. I believe now that had I been more aware Sugar might have had her vision problem caught earlier. I didn't notice anything wrong with her eyes until her second year and even then I didn't trust what I was seeing. I thought it was a "trick of the eye"(no pun intended) until it started becoming more obvious and others noticed it too.
Amazingly when I did a search for participating InfantSEE Optometrists I found 13 doctors within 20 miles of us!
This program came about in 2005 after president Jimmy Carter spoke to a group of Optometrists about his two grandsons who have vision problems that could have been treated if their eyes had been checked as infants. They had the insurance and money to take the boys for eye care, but they lacked the awareness. So members of the American Optometric Association and The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson joined forces to create InfantSEE.
Do yourself a favor and have your babies eyes checked, if only for your peace of mind.

Another website I stumbled upon this morning is Babies With Glasses. It's a site for parents, grandparents, other family members and friends of babies and young children with glasses, needing glasses, or with other visual challenges to share experiences and tips. There's an online community for everything isn't there! :o) It's nice to know I have support out there if I need it. Maybe I'll enter Sugar for Baby with Glasses of the Month! ;o)


Beadiful Things said...

Aw! I think boys will make passes at this girl in glasses! :-)

Scott Jens, O.D. said...

Greetings! I am part of the committee that has developed and launched InfantSEE(R) to the public. It is amazing to see the gracious words that you have written about the program. Its primary objective is to complement the base-level screenings done by pediatricians so infants who have underlying at-risk status can get ongoing follow-up with optometrists, ophthalmologists, or other medical specialists who can help the infant veer away from permanent eye/health problems. We need greater awareness, since the InfantSEE(R) program has only been around for two+ years. Thank you, and best wishes to your daughter and your family as she enjoys the gift of sight!

Scott Jens, O.D.
Middleton, WI

Erika Cass Designs said...

Thank you Scott. :o)
Come on all you bloggers out there, let's get the word out!

Anonymous said...

I love the glasses!! One of my brothers had them when he was little - and by the time he turned 16 his eyes had "fixed" themselves. I don't think they look too small - my glasses leave marks on my nose now...its just part of wearing them. You're doing great by encouraging and using positive reinforcement when she wears them - this way she won't end up self concious about them when she gets older

Anonymous said...

She is super cute with those glasses! I found this post when searching for toddlers and glasses. My daughter got glasses at 14 months, and I've been looking for others who are dealing with the same thing. My daughter has had her glasses for 6 months now, and I'm guessing at her next appt. they'll say she's outgrown them - they grow so fast. I love the idea of rituals associated with the glasses.