I HATE the flu!

So literally a day after my last post my girls and I came down with the flu! Apparently the same flu that's been in the news lately and this year's flu shot didn't cover. Yah, the same flu shot we got this last fall. *sigh*
It was horrible! I was in bed for 3 days with a 102 fever. I felt sooo bad!! The girls weren't much better. Spice was hit harder and according to Honey she just laid around on the couch with a bottle of water. She would rub her head and say "Ouch. Hurts!". Poor baby. :o( Sugar had awful diarrhea which Honey had to deal with(snicker). We're finally on the mend with just some mild sinus drainage and a slight cough.
Let me just warn anyone who is going to go to a doctors office with kids when the kids aren't actually sick...DON'T DO IT! We actually went last Tuesday to get a referral to a pediatric ophthalmologist for Sugar who appears to have Exotropia Strabismus, or in more common terms "Wall Eye". There were tons of sick kids in the office. I know that's where we got it! It sucks too since we were just getting over another little bug and last weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather. This weekend so far? Eh, not so much. Oh well, that's life right? :o)

So we're gonna try and relax and enjoy this weekend. I'll post again on Monday...hopefully. LOL! ;o)


Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry y'all were sick...DH had it a few weeks ago - that was almost as bad a sick child! Hope your feeling better!

the puppies are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no that is so yucky ... I hope you are all on the upside of this flu!!

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