Wordless Wednesday - A Walk in the Park

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Bernie said...

Oh.... How cute is she!!

Great pic. Ours is up as well at burntofferings and more at bernies fotoblog.

Happy WW!!

littlewanda said...

I love these wordless wednesdays. Is it a form of meme?

Emmie Knits said...

Hi Erika - Love your wordless wednesday pic! I didn't get round to one this week.. I have been in a state of shock after very happily discovering I am around three months pregnant!!!!!! It's my first pregnancy so fingers crossed it all works out!
Have been meaning to send you a comment re you feeling low about jewellery not selling. I think it's really difficult selling on line as people don't fully appreciate the work that has gone into it.
My friend makes jewellery and she holds jewellery parties at her home and does a little talk about where she got the beads from, how she did it, and what influenced her. It seems to work well as a selling technique.
I also wondered if you had thought about making up kits for other people to make?? Just some ideas.
I like your ideas of designing fabrics. My sister is a fashion designer - she made my wedding dress. Check out reprotdepot site for really cool vintage designs. Don't give up the blogging, the success is sharing ideas and sharing lives. I really love your blog. Regards Emmie

Dana said...

oh how cute! she´s so sweet. happy ww