Aggghhhhhhhh! Run away, run away!!!!!

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

Seriously, I have a very hard time resisting temptation. I don't generally buy candy, cookies, cake, soda....ok pretty much anything to do with sweets because I KNOW I'll eat it if it's in the house.
Honey bought bags & bags of candy last night to hand out to the trick or treaters (hopefully) coming tomorrow night. Now all of this "temptation" is calling to me. I swear I can hear it saying, "eat me...eat me...."

Yes I admit it, I've had about five already. :o(
It's even harder to resist when I'm sick since all I wanna do is reach for comfort food...er...um...candy?

The only one who wants the candy more than me? THE CANDY MONSTER!

Candy Monster

Halloween Candy

Halloween night can't get here fast enough. Take my candy, please!

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