Wordless Wednesday - Static Electricity

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Ambre said...

All these beautiful little babies.


Scarlett said...

That is the most adorable picture ever!

Emmie Knits said...

Hi Erika - I just discovered your blog after reading comments on Hellomynameisheather! Love your site .. and being English (and a yorkshire lass) also love that you have discovered the word 'chuffed'!!I use it every day!
Re the kittens - you did the right thing - I'm a cat lover too - it must have been really hard to leave them - but its right that they are with their mum.
By the way I really love your peacock themed photos of creative projects too. Regards Emmie

littlewanda said...

Hi Erika. What a cute picture!

Thank you for leaving all those wonderful comments on my blog. I've just been reading through your wonderful blog and love it. I shall be back.

monique said...

Thanks for yor nice comment on my blog.I love to re-decorate from time to time so now my red enamel ware is in a cupboard and I'm thinking of getting it out again near fall.
What a cute photo!
You have a lovely blog, the peacock creations are just bautiful!e

rbaird said...

Wow! Very nice blog and a beautiful baby!

Erika Cass Designs said...

Ladies, thank you for all of the wonderful comments! :o)