Fabulous "Bird" Finds Friday

Yup, I'm finally posting my favorite bird finds. Sorry about the wait. :oP

So my guess is most of you have noticed a lot of bird-themed items have become popular lately including, fabric, jewelry, clothing, etc. Well, I have definitely been drawn to birds lately myself. I find I'm faving bird-themed items on ETSY alot. Sooo, here are some of my fave bird things on ETSY & eBay.
I received my bird sunhat from Tara on eBay and I really love it! It keeps me so much cooler out in this TX heat than I realized it would. I guess I need to wear hats more often. :oP I've already gotten a number of compliments on it.

I purchased this sweet sweet bird doorhanger for the twins room from Hazel of BlossomHill on ETSY. Isn't it precious? :o)

I have completely fallen in love with this vintage-style art nouveau necklace by Jody of 1ofmykind on ETSY and am waiting until it gets listed again and I have more "me money". All of her jewelry is amazing but I'm just drawn to this one for some reason. It's gorgeous!!

I just found this adorable bird stuffie by cornflakegirl on ETSY today actually. Sooo darn cute don't you think?

Take a look at these great bird coasters from P.D.A. Collection on ETSY.

Ok so stay tuned for Part 2 of fabulous bird finds, hopefully tomorrow. :o)

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Erin said...

Great finds! I love birds! Especially OWLS!