My 1st "official" Blog Post

Ok so it's not really my 1st post, just my 1st on Blogger. :o)
Ahem! So for my "1st" post I thought I would share some of the wonderful purchases I've made lately on the newly discovered ETSY. Yes, I did say that I just discovered ETSY. I know, I know, where the heck have I been, right?? Not on ETSY apparently and I have to say if I stay there too long I'll buy way too much. I happened to have some extra money this month to splurge for myself soooo I did just that! Ok so here goes.....
Some of my 1st searches were for Amy Butler & Heather Bailey fabric items and boy did I hit the Jackpot! Have I mentioned that I've recently become a fabric fanatic? Oh, no I guess not! teehee. Well, my favorites are pretty much anything from Amy Butler and the Freshcut line from Heather Bailey( that's her only line so far). So I'm attracted to anything made with these fabrics. I mean ANYTHING! Things I don't need anything, "they're so pretty" anything. For instance; pin cushions! Um, I don't even own a sewing machine? Not that I don't want to...ok that's another story....soooo let's get to the show & tell. :o)
My very first purchase was a headband from ModernCharm. I'm wearing it now as I type. I have no earthly idea what I did before these headbands but I can't live without them now and have ordered more from other sellers as well on both eBay and ETSY. You HAVE to get one if you haven't already!

I found the seller MamadamaDesigns who makes all sorts of fabric goodies. I got a checkbook cover, ipod case & flashdrive holder keychain in Lime Lotus. I also love my Starbucks cappucino, frappucino and latte's so I just HAD to have this cup cuddler in Blue Lotus. (Can't be too matchy-matchy, right?)

Next up a stop at AllysonHill. She's also on my blog list. She makes the coolest car litter bags in my favorite prints, of course. I got one in Freshcut - Cabbage Rose. It will look so stylin in my minivan and hopefully will keep the "litter" down to a minimum. With 3 kiddos that's pretty hard to do!

That's enough for today. I started this blog much too late and now I'm pooped! so I'll get some shut-eye and continue tomorrow with more goodies from both ETSY and eBay. :o)

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Erin said...

Great finds!!! Thanks for sharing!